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Welcome home || James & Peter

Propping his feet up on the table, James leaned back into the couch, his arms behind his head, eyes staring at the ceiling. Peter was meeting him there in a few minutes to catch up from lost time, but that didn’t mean that James couldn’t be comfortable while waiting on him. Other students were about him,  doing whatever activity—he really didn’t care. All the people that he normally talked too, weren’t the ones in the room, so he wasn’t really up to bother with them.  

Peter had sworn that he had told them he was leaving off for Holiday, and James simply couldn’t remember it. Though he had said that he would have known, now, thinking back on it, he wasn’t entirely sure. Back before Peter left, Lily was still giving James strange sort of cryptic looks and hints of smiles. It had baffled him to no end, his brain wrapping about it, replaying each time she had done it, trying to figure her out. It was, rather possible that Peter had told them when this beautiful catastrophe was looping in his mind and he wouldn’t have even noticed. 

Not that he’d admit that to Peter.